Buy packs, Plant Trees!

1 1/4", Single Size, 1 1/4" + Tips. Packs and Boxes.



Trees Rolling Papers is partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects and all our planting is done by local communities at fair wage (or above). 

Your trees are planted as part of the reforestation project that needs it the most such as areas devastated by deforestation, tree poaching, and where people and endangered species depend on them for daily life.

Currently trees are planted in Nepal, Madagascar, Honduras, Haiti, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Mozambique and Kenya. 

With your help we hope to be able to add more countries to the list as we grow.



Our premium hemp paper comes from farms in France and hold BOTH an organic certification and is certified sustainable. 

Our papers are produced in Europe, are unbleached (natural), NON GMO, cruelty free, and vegan. We only use natural Arabic gum to ensure the best stick possible.



Trees Rolling Papers is based in Vancouver B.C Canada.

Conceptualized in 2014, being young and inexperienced we didn't have the knowledge or ability to undertake this vision so it sat in the back our our minds until a resurgence in 2019 at Bass Coast during the summer festival season.

After 8 months of contacting every rolling paper manufacture on the planet (literally) and being turned down to work with them to produce our vision because "They didn't want to give up market share", hope was dwindling until miraculously we managed to make some crucial connections to make our dream possible and go against the monopoly a few company's hold over the North American rolling paper industry.

When covid hit, so did layoffs, and by April 2020 we were all in. By November 2020 we were established and have finally arrived. 

We have big plans to do things never done in our industry and by buying a pack and planting a tree you'll help us push the world towards amore sustainable future.








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