The Mission, Goals, Packs, Trees, and the Company. 

The Mission.

“To leave the world 1% better then when we got here.”

By using and promoting organic, sustainable materials, and planting a tree for every pack that help support impoverished communities, we believe we can.

 But not without your support.

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The Packs.

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We want to offer the highest quality rolling papers possible, while upholding our stance on sustainability.

So instead of cutting trees down for our papers we plant them and use sustainable materials like hemp instead.

Hemp selected from certified organic AND certified sustainable, creulty free farms from France and organic Arabic gum for a relaible sticking adhesive.

 Our papers are unbleached, watermarked, slow burning, vegan, non-gmo, and has a thinness of 14gsm.

 Our packs are not mass produced, they are produced in small batches in Europe and packed in natural eco-kraft packaing.


The Trees.

For every pack purchased, one tree is planted on your behalf.

At the start of each month all packs from the previous month are tallied and submitted for planting on behalf of our community.

.Trees are planted around the world at reforestation projects set up by our partners at Eden Reforestation Projects that employ the local impovershed communities at above fair wages.

 Through your purchase and support these villagers gain access to stable income for food, shelter, medicine and education for their children.

 Trees are always local to the areas or non invasive and projects are currently underway in Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, Indonesia, Phillipines, Haiti, Honduras, and Nicaragua, with more to come.

The Company.

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We started as an idea in 2014 that layed dorment for sometime and after layoffs happened due to covid in 2020, much was spent on bringing this dream to reality.

 With the hopes and dreams of being able to do something good for a living that I enjoyed and the looming dread of returning to another soul crushing job where I would stare off into space and wonder "is this is?" Trees rolling papers came to light.

We are a small Canadian owned and operated business located in Burnaby B.C., and produce our premium papers in Europe.

I believe in offering the best product and service and it is our promise to always do right by you.

Thank you for your support and special thanks to all those who have helped and continue to help us on our journey.


David Baxter
Founder / CEO / Delivery Guy

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